Igbo Union

Of Washington State

Igbo Day Event

This has been deferred till 

May/June 2021 due to the

CDC-mandated social distancing

as a result of the Covid-19 crisis


Monthly General Meeting

Second Saturday of Every Month 

Time: 5:00 - 7:00 PM

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In-Person Meeting Suspended Until further Notice: 

Venue: Lamb of God Lutheran Church 
12509 27th Ave NE 
Seattle, WA 98125

(No meetings in January)


Igbo Center Executive Message

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Igbo Union of Washington State, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created by the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria resident in the Seattle metropolitan area of the State of Washington.


The Seattle area where we are located is also the proud home of a number of world-renowned corporations such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon.com, Nordstroms, RealNet, Intel and Starbucks. 

The Igbo Union of Washington State was established for the purpose of promoting our cultural heritage, fostering the understanding of the same, and for strengthening the unity among the Igbo, Nigerian, African, American people and the general public at large.


Origin of the Igbo People
A lot of views have been proffered as to the true origin of the Igbos, but none of the theories have been proven beyond reasonable doubt. For this reason, material presented here does not suggest a complete understanding of how the Igbos originated.  Rather, the different views will be summarized here. Read more

Recent Igbo History and Formation of Identity

Before British colonialism, the Igbo were a politically fragmented group. There were variations in culture such as in art styles, attire and religious practices. Various subgroups were organized by clan, lineage, village affiliation, and dialect. There were not many centralized chiefdoms, hereditary aristocracy..
Read more

The Igbos - Quick Facts

The IGBOs are people from the south eastern parts of NIGERIA. They make up Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo states, as well as, parts of Delta, Akwa Ibom and Rivers states. Today, you will find them in every corner of the world in pursuit of wealth and education. They are mostly Christians and others with.. Read more

Igbo Proverbs and their Meanings

An Igbo proverb, opines one of the Igbo prominent sons, Chinua Achebe, "is the palm oil with which words are eaten." Igbo proverbs are not only central to the propagation of Igbo culture, they are in fact the foremost factor in formal and familiar speeches and in other forms of popular communication... Read more


Conversational Igbo Language Learning Series

Tutor: Jane Ezeanaka 

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Igbo Language Fundamentals

Tutor: Igbo Village Square

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Are you an Igbo residing in Washington State's Pacific Northwest?

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