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Origin of the Igbo People


A lot of views have been proffered as to the true origin of the Igbos, but none of the theories have been proven beyond reasonable doubt

For this reason, material presented here does not suggest a complete understanding of how the Igbos originated. Rather, the different views will be summarized here so that the reader can draw his or her own conclusions

Through written documents, oral tradition and by archeological evidence, the following theories have been offered:


Quick Facts about Igbo Land and the Igbos


The Igbo make up the second largest group of people in southern Nigeria. They are a socially and culturally diverse population, living in the southeastern part of the country. The Igbo consist of many subgroups, all speaking one language [1], called Igbo.


In Nigeria today, Igboland is roughly made up of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Northern Delta and Rivers states, and small parts of Akwa Ibom. More than 30 million people inhabit Igboland and with a population density ranging from 140 to 390 inhabitants per square kilometre [2]

Igbo Proverbs

Igbo Proverbs and their Meanings


An Igbo proverb, opines one of the Igbo prominent sons, Chinua Achebe, "is the palm oil with which words are eaten." Igbo proverbs are not only central to the propagation of Igbo culture, they are in fact the foremost factor in formal and familiar speeches and in other forms of popular communication [1].

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